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Pastor Emma Curtis

Reverend Emma L. Curtis is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God. She is affectionately known to us as Pastor Emma. She committed her life to Jesus Christ in May of 1964 in a revival in Riverside California.

Pastor Emma grew up in Mechanic Falls, Maine and was a childhood sweetheart of her husband of 57 years, Greg. They travelled extensively due to his career of twenty years with the United States Air Force followed by twenty two years working for the federal government.

Schooling for Pastor Emma came from Mechanic Falls High School, the University of New Hampshire, Durham New Hampshire, and the Berean School of the Bible, Springfield, Missouri.

She became a Bible teacher within the first few months of her conversion and began a preaching ministry to senior citizens in 2007. She was ordained an Assembly of God minister in Missoula, MT in April 2013.

At present, she leads the senior adults of our congregation as well as holding evening services twice every Sunday. This is done with several, called and anointed, helpers. She fills the pulpit for our pastor, and other ministers in our area, as needed. She is also the pianist for our Sunday morning service worship team. Pastor Emma does a monthly get together at CC’s restaurant for seniors. Food and jokes are provided for their enjoyment as well as door prizes (one for men and one for women).

A quarterly church service for Watch East, a prison for rehabilitation from drugs and/or alcohol, is provided with Pastor Emma playing the piano for the singing and bringing a message.

Senior’s Sunday Evening Services

A 5pm church service is held at the Eastern Montana Veterans Home (EMVH) every Sunday night. Pastor Emma Curtis does the preaching and plays the organ for the worship portion of the service. Several people assist in this service as the congregants need help coming to the chapel area. They are in wheel chairs, use walkers and a few are ambulatory. One of the helpers leads the singing as others help folks find the right pages. The helpers are also taking part in preaching a service once in a while to allow them to become confident in bringing the Word of God to others. Those taking part in the Sunday night ministry are:

Charlene Townes, Jim O’Connor, Noreen Pohlman, Russ and Nadene Parker, and Ken and Virginia Young.

There is a rush to leave EMVH to begin the 6pm service at Grandview Retirement Apartments. Pastor Emma is the lead pastor for this church service which is held in the cafeteria. Virginia Young is the pianist and book keeper. Charlene Townes and Nadene Parker take turns leading the singing, testimony, and prayer time. Greg Curtis helps with passing out song books before service and serving snacks at the close of the service. Jim O’Connor and Ken Young lead in opening prayer. Several of the congregants help in serving coffee and snacks after the service which we call The After Glow.. This congregation has a voluntary offering plate and monthly supports an Assembly of God missionary , Paul Duda, who is building churches in Cuba. Their offerings are also used to support a variety of Christian works such as: KGLE Christian Radio, the Gideons, Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, Convoy of Hope, Glendive Food Bank, Zion – Loaves and Fishes, and the Glendive Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, They also purchase snacks for the evening service from Charlene Townes, The Trinity Bakery.